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To ensure MSNW Group, LLC customer-facing employees who are engaged in service and delivery functions are clearly identified as representing the company. MSNW Group, LLC has established the following uniform policy.


Who do I contact about my order?

If you're inquiring about a uniform order and wondering what you need, please ask your supervisor. For any other questions about the store, you can reach out to MSNW's corporate office 360-366-4600. 

How long is delivery?

Uniform orders will arrive at your branch office within 15 business days of confirmed purchase. Home delivery is available with a paid shipping option or free pickup from MSNW's corporate office in Ferndale.

What is MSNW’s uniform policy?

Each new employee will receive uniforms according to the uniform guidelines specified in the department categories. Employees are required to sign for the uniforms and the uniforms are considered company property and are to be returned in the event of termination of employment or anytime on-demand.
Upon issue, company uniforms become the responsibility of the employee for maintenance and care. In the event a uniform needs repair or replacement, employees will be required to return the uniform in exchange for a replacement. 
MSNW Group, LLC may issue new uniforms periodically or require uniforms to be returned for special purposes (e.g., logo change, corporate color change). Employees will be given notice of the exchange, and the company will provide suitable replacement uniforms. Employees are required to return all issued uniforms upon the termination of employment. If all issued uniforms are not returned, MSNW Group, LLC will deduct the cost of the uniform from the employee’s final paycheck (except where such deductions are prohibited by state law). If employees have questions regarding this policy or its implementation, they should contact the human resource department or the facility services department.


MSNW Purchase Order Policy

The MSNW Branch Manager has the authority to sign off on all purchases made up to $500.00. Any purchase that exceeds $500.00 must first have a Purchase Order created and approved at the Corporate level. To request a Purchase Order, the Branch Manager must email, or be copied on an email to accounting@msnwgroup.com with the item detail, quoted price, vendor information, what the purchase is intended for, and any additional supporting documentation. Once the PO is created, it is sent on to the MSNW President and Controller for approval. Upon approval, the purchase can be made.

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